20 Vegan Social Media Accounts You Should Follow Right Now!

20 Vegan Social Media Accounts You Should Follow Right Now!

There are so many amazing people creating awareness and interest around veganism. We picked out 20 of our favorites and separated them out into 4 categories: Vegan Recipe Accounts, Activism and Sanctuaries, For the Nerds (Health Science Accounts), Save the Earth (Environmental Accounts), and For the Gym Rats.

Vegan Recipe Accounts:

From My Bowl

Caitlin first adopted a totally plant-based diet back in 2015 after being raised as a vegetarian. She quickly realized that her college cafeteria’s vegan options were not going to cut it, and promptly moved off campus so she could cook her own meals. She always loved to cook, so she turned to the internet to find tasty vegan recipes.

There was only one problem: Most of the recipes online were either way too complicated, required ingredients that were way too expensive, or weren’t really practical for everyday meals. And that's how frommybowl was born!

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Plant Based Jane

Plant-Based Jane has been practicing veganism since December of 2015 and ever since, has fallen in love with cooking and creating amazing Vegan recipes that are easy but delicious. 

She started her blog and social media channels to show everyone how simple Veganism can be. Veganism and cooking can be completely effortless and full of fun!

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I Am Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown is the Bob Ross of vegan videos. Her voice is soothing us through this crazy coronavirus pandemic. Her catchphrase "I can if I want to because it's my business" is one we cant stop using, and that's our business!

She went vegan a couple years ago after hearing about the lifestyle from her daughter. She had some health issues and has a history of premature death in her family, so she felt she had nothing to lose and gave a plant based diet a try!

On top of plant based recipe sharing, she recently was signed with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) Congrats Tabitha!

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Plant You 

Carleigh Bodrug

Carleigh creates simple & practical meals for individuals on a plant-based diet. Incorporating both delicious taste and creative meals while maintaining simplicity so anyone and everyone can maintain a healthy plant based diet.

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🎉MOVE OVER BREAD MAKING and HELLO fermentation. . 💕It might not sound sexy - but fermenting vegetables can be a DELICIOUS and RIDICULOUSLY HEALTHY experiment. . ✔️This particular kind of “fermentation” is actually called Lacto-fermentation. Lacto-fermented foods are made from raw vegetables without heat, and the process is thought to increase the bio-availability of certain nutrients. Fermented foods are also a source of probiotics, which is amazing for your gut health (see @theguthealthmd and his new book Fiber Fueled for more on that)! . 🌱We have full step by step instructions for this fermentation process and recipes FOR FREE on plant you dot com. . 💕Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday! . . #fermentation #fermentedfoods #guthealth #fermentedvegetables #plantbased #Plantbaseddiet #healthylifestyle #goodbacteria #eatmoreplants #wholefoodsplantbased #wfpb #vegetables #vegetarian #veganrecipe #veganrecipeshare

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Cheap Lazy Vegan

Rose will be your go-to for all things easy when it comes to vegan cooking, and more importantly cheap! It is totally possible to be a vegan on a budget. Find your affordable and all-in-one-pan recipes here!

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😛 Ingredients: ¼ red onion, chopped 2-3 cloves garlic, minced 1 serving smoked tofu, sliced 3-4 stalks of green onions, chopped 1 cup chopped cauliflower 1 head baby bok choy 1 serving of noodles (any Asian style wheat noodles will do) 💕 For the sauce: 1 tbsp Soy sauce (or alternative) 1 ½ tbsp Gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes) 1 tsp toasted sesame oil 1-2 tbsp kimchi juice (optional) 1 tbsp of mirin (Japanese rice wine that has a sweet flavor) (optional) ❤️ #cheaplazyvegan #vegan #vegansofig #veganism #veganeats #veganfoodie #foodie #veganfoodporn #foodporn #whatveganseat #plantbased #plantstrong #vegandiet #vegansofinstagram #bestofvegan #veganfoodshare #foodgasm #mukbang #noodles #kimchi

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Activism and Sanctuaries

Because veganism is more than just a diet, it's a lifestyle!

Farm Sanctuary

The FIRST ever US Farm Animal Sanctuary! It was started by Gene Baur and Lorri Houston in 1986. They funded the start by selling vegetarian hot dogs at Grateful Dead Concerts.

They rescue animals all around the US, rehabilitate them and give them a happy, healthy life on the reserve. Their first rescue came from a pile of "dead" Sheep behind a stockyard, her name was Hilda. 

Located in Watkins Glen, NY, you can visit Watkins Glen at specific visiting times, but remember - this is not a petting zoo, the animals get to choose if they want to visit you.

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Poppy cow snuggles with @farmsanctuary Tour Guide @aylaidk 💚🐄 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Poppy came to Farm Sanctuary after falling off a transport truck that was shuttling her from a dairy farm to a veal slaughter facility. Usually, male calves on dairy farms are sent to become veal or cheap beef, and female cows are used to produce milk. Poppy is likely a freemartin—a female cow born with a male twin, who acquires some of the male (XY) component in utero by exchange of cellular material through the placenta. Freemartins’ ovaries don’t function, so they can’t become pregnant, which makes them useless to the dairy industry—which is how Poppy joined her male counterparts on the truck to the veal facility.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Poppy broke her pelvis and her leg when she fell from the truck, and it has been a long process to help her heal. We are constantly inspired by this brave calf’s loving heart, determined spirit, and her mood-boosting snuggles. 💚

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James Aspey

James is an Australian animal activist known for going one full year without speaking (link here).  We like him for his approach to conversation. He stands his ground and makes his point, but he doesn't let passion get in the way of politics. He communicates incredibly well, and we love to watch him debate!

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Earthling Ed

A Youtuber, podcaster, TEDx Talker, and more. Ed does it all when it comes to educating others on what veganism is, opening an eye into the cruelty of animal-based projects. Similarly to James Aspey, he communicates beautifully with people. He is well known for this speech. Thanks for everything that you do, Ed!

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For the Nerds (Health Science  Accounts)

Plant Proof

Simon Hill (the creator of Plant Proof) is an exercise physiologist, and MS in Nutrition. His instagram provides a look at the health and environmental impact of veganism through science. He interviews people everyday in his podcast and helps make otherwise complicated information into digestible content. He gives a voice to a wide range of people (many of whom are on this list!) so If we were to only give one recommendation? This is it.

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One of the essential micronutrients that tends to get a little less air time than others that everyone should be ensuring they get enough of us Zinc. As I always say - no matter what dietary pattern you follow there will always be nutrients of focus. For anyone eliminating or reducing animal products, zinc is certainly one of these nutrients to be conscious of. With just a tiny bit of planning it’s very easy to achieve optimal status - swipe left for more details and some tips. Do I recommend zinc supplementation? Not routinely. However, there does appear to be a relatively strong case for supplementing zinc 50-100mg during the current Covid-19 pandemic as it affects the inflammatory response, sepsis and respiratory distress. That’s not say it’s going to stop you getting Covid-19 but it may well reduce the severity of your symptoms. There’s more info on this over at my friend @dr.cusimano’s page. Simon 🙏🏼🌱

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Plant based Juniors

Typically we aren’t just cooking for us! Many of us will be cooking meals for our families and children. Sometimes our meals aren’t always kid-friendly so plant-based juniors work to provide you with quick, easy, and tasty meals for primarily plant-based families. They also share the nutritional needs of children and ways to ensure your little ones are getting everything they need.

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PS. Check out our blog post where we give you all the tips to getting more fruits and veggies in your kids diet!

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Do you have questions about your plant-based babe’s nutrition needs? 👶 Or just need a little help synthesizing all the nutrition information we share? 🔎 We’re excited to announce that we are hosting our first FREE webinar on balanced nutrition for plant-based babes! 💻 —————————————————————— A few topics we’ll cover include 👉 ✅ The PB3 Plate 🍽 ✅ Nutrients of importance 🥕 ✅ Supplements 💊 ✅ Meal planning 📝 ✅ Cooking Tips 👩‍🍳 ✅ Frequently asked questions ❓ —————————————————————— This webinar will be hosted by our intern Kaytee Hadley on Wednesday, April 29th at 10 am PST. We only have spots for 100 attendees so sign up ASAP at the link in our bio 🙌 Hope to see many of you there! —————————————————————— #plantbasedjuniors #plantbasednutrition #kidsnutrition #vegankids #plantbasedkids #rdapproved #dietitian

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Danielle Belardo

A registered medical cardiologist doing her part to educate on the benefits  of a plant-based diet on the human body. She came out with a brief nutrition handout thats been translated into multiple languages.  The handout is for doctors to be able to give to their patients where a WFPB (whole food plant based) diet might help.  You can access the handout here.  Her Instagram page is especially great if you love to learn about the heart, as well as some more intense medical talk (which we love!)

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Happy Earth Day 🌎 I love this beautiful planet that we call home. ⠀⠀ Did you know that you can contribute to a healthier world by decreasing your animal product intake? ⠀⠀ It’s estimated that being vegan for just one year can save 7,436 pounds of CO2, 10,957 square feet of forest, and 401,766 gallons of water! ⠀⠀ I have been vegan for most of my adult life and it was the best decision I ever made🦋 ⠀⠀ But if you’re not ready to make that jump it’s okay! You don’t have to go 100% vegan to make a difference in our world! Try meatless Monday, or one meatless meal per day. You can give up animal products completely, or just decrease the amount you eat, starting today! I am here to help you. I have FREE plant based resources in my website that will walk you through it at daniellebelardomd.com. I created these resources for my patients and made them available on my website for free for everyone to utilize ❤️ I have a free podcast on iTunes called Nutrition Rounds that covers plant based nutrition from A-Z. ⠀⠀ Hope you have a blessed Earth Day 🌎❤️ #earthday #earthday2020

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The Gut Health MD

Will Bulsiewicz MD MSCI

We love Doctor B! He uses his platform to educate his followers on the importance of building and maintaining your gut health by nurturing your gut microbiome.

Dr. B constantly shares tips, tricks, and vital information that can support your microbiome. He also has a book coming out that answers all your questions such as "beans make me bloated, I feel like I can't eat them, help!?" " Does an elimination diet work?" & "What even IS the gut microbiome?" He has many amazing podcasts out with Simon from Plant Proof as well. 

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PS. Check out our blog where we further discuss microbiomes.

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Is it just me, or is there a pattern here??? 🤔🤔🤔 . The US News and World Report recently released their “Best Overall Diets for 2020” based on what was easy to follow and nutritious — as well as effective for weight loss and preventing diabetes and heart disease. . Let’s get to the results.... (drumroll please) 1️⃣ MEDITERRANEAN DIET - emphasis on fruits, veggies, and other Whole Foods . 2️⃣ (tie) DASH DIET - rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy 2️⃣ (tie) FLEXITARIAN DIET - mostly plants 🌱 . 4️⃣ WW DIET (formerly weight watchers) - emphasis on group support, lots of fruits and veggies . 5️⃣ (tie) MAYO CLINIC DIET - has a food pyramid 🔺 with veggies & fruit at the base 5️⃣ (tie) MIND DIET - Designed for brain 🧠 health using salad, nuts, fruits & veggies 5️⃣ (tie) VOLUMETRICS DIET - Low in calories, high in fiber with fruits, veggies and soups. . 8️⃣TLC DIET - designed for heart ❤️ health using fruits and veggies . 9️⃣ (tie) NORDIC DIET - Scandinavian from land 🏔 (fruits, veggies, nuts) and sea 🌊(fish) 9️⃣ (tie) ORNISH DIET - Emphasizes beans, fruits, grains, and veggies 9️⃣ VEGETARIAN DIET - Plants 🌱, dairy, eggs, no meat . Everyone always says, “There’s no one size fits all.” I agree. Just look at all the options you have here! But what’s the common theme? And what are the longest lived populations eating? And what type of food are all the research studies showing us to promote longevity and reverse disease? You can answer all three questions with one word... . For those wondering: Paleo - 29 of 35 Atkins - 32 of 35 Whole 30 - 33 of 35 Keto - 34 of 35 Dukan - 35 of 35 Carnivore - not ranked . . . . #faddiets #plantbaseddiet #plantbased #vegan #vegetarian #eatmoreplants #mediterraneandiet #dashdiet #flexitarian #weightwatchers #mayoclinicdiet #minddiet #volumetricsdiet #tlcdiet #nordicdiet #ornishdiet #wfpb #weightloss #diabetes #hearthealth

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Team Sherzai


"Husband and wife Neurologists/Neuroscientists dedicated to empowering others achieve their optimal brain health. Experts in Brain Healthy Living." 

Did you know that diet and lifestyle play a huge role in Alzheimers? Or that vitamin D can affect synaptic plasticity?

Dean and Ayesha Sherzai help break down the science of lifestyle x brain health on their incredibly helpful social pages!

Their kids also have their own page - @thesciencekids

Youtube | Blog/Website | Twitter | Facebook | Podcast


Amanda V Sevilla

Amanda is something we need more of in the world: a plant based clinical dietician!

We love her instagram because she really breaks down the science of plant based nutrition in easy to understand graphics. Her laid back nature, and supplemental yogi and foodie posts make us love her even more. 

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Healthy gut = Healthy immune system __________ an estimated 70-80% of your immune cells are housed in your gut. What you eat has a HUUUGE impact on more than the number on the scale… Our health is very dependent on a happy ecosystem of friendly bacteria that feed off of probiotics in fiber-containing foods. These micro organisms have a pull on things from mood, anxiety, metabolism, as well as immunity! During this Quarantine season, make sure to eat lots of immune boosting foods - such as your vitamin C rich foods - as well as the foods that will FEED the friendly bacteria that will boost your immunity. Say that 10 times fast 😉 ___________ Save + share with someone who can use some more happy gut bacteria❤️❤️ Check out https://www.cell.com/immunity/pdf/S1074-7613(17)30227-3.pdf for a review on the gut biome and immunity!

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Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts is led by Dr. Michael Greger MD.

Its a forever free, no ad, science-based page that uploads updates on evidence-based nutrition. They remain up-to-date and constantly share the latest and most informative nutritional facts that we should all know.

Dr. Greger also writes some amazing books such as How Not To Die, How Not To Diet, and their respective Cook Books! All Proceeds from his books, DVDS, and speaking engagements are donated to charity. 

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Save the Earth, Environmental Accounts:

Max La Manna

Did you know that 80 billion pounds ((36,287,389,600 Kilos)) of food is thrown away each year JUST in the US? That's ~40% of the US food supply wasted every year!

Well have no fear, because Max is here.

Max shares how he lives a low waste plant based lifestyle and diet. He finds a way to utilize every part of the plants he uses, and shows you how to regrow your own veggie scraps and make food from scratch. He has the ability to bring so much creativity and inspiration back into your recipes and kitchen overall.

He also recently just came out with his own cookbook!

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✨DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN MAGICALLY REGROW YOUR FOOD?✨⁣ ⁣ 💸Food isn’t just food. It’s money, labour, energy, transportation, water, natural resources, packaging and so much more. When we throw food away, we throw away a lot more than just food. ⁣ ⁣ ✨Try out my simple tips and tricks to reduce food waste in my upcoming book ‘More Plants, Less Waste’. You’re going to love it!⁣✨ ⁣ 💥These foods can magically regrow in a few short weeks/months.: ⁣ Garlic Lemongrass⁣ Leeks⁣ Fennel⁣ Coriander/cilantro⁣ Basil 🌿 Mint⁣ Spring onions Celery⁣ Cabbage⁣ Romaine lettuce 🥬 ⁣ Bok choy ⁣ Ginger⁣ Onions ⁣ Mushrooms 🍄 ⁣ Pineapple⁣ 🍍 ..and so much more!⁣ ⁣ For more tips, check out my book⁣ ‘More Plants, Less Waste’ ⁣🌱♻️ Comes out August 22!⁣ 😊🙏🏼 👉🏼Link in bio to pre-order!👈🏼

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OMD 4 the planet

Learning to live a plant-based diet can take time for some. Started by Suzy Cameron, the focus of One Meal a Day is to inspire individuals to replace at least one of their meals each day with a completely plant-based meal.

It encourages you to do so by sharing easy swaps for you to incorporate into meals! They also educate you on the positive impact that plant-based diets have on the environment.

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For the Gym Rats:

NimaiDelgado / Vegan Body Building Food

For all you bodybuilders these pages are a must!


Nimai has never once eaten meat! He is on a mission to prove that yes, you can get enough protein as a vegan. His instagram focuses on sharing at-home workouts, plant-based meals, and overall encouragement.

Check out his cameo in James Cameron's documentary: The Game Changers. It's streaming on Netflix!

Vegan Body Building Food: A page of Nimais that shares plant based meal inspiration meant for bulking and shredding/cutting.

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Drews Daily Dose

Drew (an exercise physiologist) uses Instagram to share his journey of improving his insulin sensitivity whilst living with type 1 diabetes. He went from keto -> to plant based (listen more about his journey here). His feed consists of sharing workouts, his life as a diabetic and his mouth watering smoothie bowls and other meals. 

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It blows my mind that people still believe these kinds of foods cause type 2 diabetes! I get it though. It’s confusing when there is so much misinformation being circulated. If you eat high-fibre, nutrient-dense, real, whole food just as nature intended, you’ll not only reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes (and an array of other chronic diseases) but also help manage it and even reverse it in some cases! It’s important to differentiate between correlation and causation. Just because carbohydrates CAN trigger symptoms of diabetes (hyperglycaemia) doesn’t mean they caused the insulin resistance in the first place. Blaming whole food carbohydrates for causing diabetes is like blaming umbrellas for the rain. When you maximise insulin sensitivity you’ll see that carbohydrates are no longer a problem, especially in the context of an active lifestyle and an incidental caloric deficit that is easily achieved when you eat real food such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, herbs, spices, nuts and seeds. Don’t overthink it. Aim for a rainbow of colours and a diverse variety of textures and flavours. And most of all - enjoy your food!!! 🥗🤤

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Seasoned Tofu

A good friend of ours, also local to the Buffalo area! Cole brings you the perfect mix of everything vegan recipes, humor and workouts. Content balances can’t get much better then that!

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- 💪🏼 High Protein Vegan Meal Prep #1 💪🏼 By @seasoned_tofu - 🥑 Time to start a new series of graphics...a high protein meal prep! These 3 meals can be prepared for 5 portions for a monday-friday week and can make it much easier to hit your macro goals (15 meals total) - 🥜 Now I did not add some of the instructions and seasonings for this. For the tempeh in the sandwich, I recommend adding some liquid aminos and throwing it in a pan to crisp. - 🥝 For the tofu, sweet potato, and potato in the third meal, here's what you should do: seasoning with some garlic powder, chili, paprika, and nutritional yeast and roast it all at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30-35 min. - 🥦 If this helps you, be sure to save it and share it on your story 👍🏼 . . . . #veganfitness #veganprotein #plantprotein #plantbasedprotein #veganbodybuilding #veganathlete #vegancrossfit #veganweightlifting #veganbodybuilder #veganpower #whatveganseat #eatvegan #veganeating #plantshaveprotein #mealprep #plantpowered #vegannutrition #veganrecipes #vegannutrition #veganrecipe #veganmealprep #veganmealideas #veganmeals #veganfoodie #veganfoods #veganfoodideas #veganstrong #nomeatathlete

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