Top 10 Gifts to Get the Vegan in Your LIfe

Top 10 Gifts to Get the Vegan in Your LIfe

We've compiled a list of last minute gifts for the vegan(s) in your life!

The Kitchen

1. SeeReal



For the health nut in your life! SeeReal is the first ever raw and sprouted mega-food cereal product that is formulated for optimal nutrition and positively processed to maintain all of its nutrient integrity.

SeeReal is aptly named considering it consists of REAL fruits, vegetables, and sprouted seeds. It is deliciously disguised to serve as the replacement for the most popular cereals.

All flavors are:

  • Raw & Sprouted
  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • Made with love in Buffalo, NY

Find it here

2. Mylk



SeeReal tastes great on its own, but there's something special about cereal in mylk! You can read about all of our favorite mylks here.

3. Almond Cow


...Or have them make their own! Almond Cow makes DIY mylk a breeze!

Visit their website here

4. Tofu Press



Everyone we've talked to who has a tofu press says it changes the game! This is the product that every vegan wants, but doesn't get for themselves because they are convinced their cast iron skillet or pile of books is sufficient.

Shop here


5. Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters 



Written by psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy, Beyond Beliefs helps vegans and non-vegans navigate their relationships via improved communication. This is on our top list of books for vegans (and those who are in relationships with vegans) to read.

Check your local book store and if not available there, purchase here

6. Simply Delicious Vegan - Cookbook by Caitilin Shoemaker



We've mentioned Caitlin before in our "top vegan accounts to follow" blog post.  Her recipes are quick and easy to follow, completely vegan and many are whole foods plant based!

Check your local book store and if not available there,  purchase here


7. Matt and Nat


Matt and Nat sells high end vegan and sustainable bags & clothing. Who doesnt love high quality cruelty free fashion?!

Check out their gift guides here

8. Wholesome Culture

This brand is popular for their simple, adorable, and inspiring clothing!  Its a perfect gift for a vegan not only because they have plenty of vegan apparel, but because they are also a vegan company!

Check them out here


9. KVD Vegan Beauty



KVD Vegan beauty has high end make up that is all totally vegan and cruelty free! Their tattoo liner and contour palette are some of our faves!

Shop the whole store here

10. Pacifica


Pacifica is also a vegan company, so you can rest assured knowing that all the products they offer are vegan and cruelty free!  Not only do they offer natural makeup, but they also have perfume, nail polish, serums and hair care!

Visit their site here




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