Raw Conversations

  • Raw Conversations Episode 7: A Very Vegan Thanksgiving with Foodnerds Jamie Young and Sharon Cryan

    This week is a very special episode of Raw Conversations where we have our very own director of digital media on to chat about Thanksgiving!! We cover what it was like on our first turkey-free thanksgiving vs our latest experience, the emotional aspects of food and food guilt surrounding the holidays, our favorite thanksgiving foods and our top-tips for vegans on Thanksgiving!
  • RAW Conversations Episode 3: Trish Shea, Plant Based R.D. on Working in Low SES Communities

    In this podcast, we speak with Trisha Shea a plant based Registered Dietitian. Currently working as a nutritionist for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, delivering nutrition education to SNAP recipients. Topics covered: What is SNAP? How receptive are the communities to nutrition education? What barriers stand in the way of low income areas? How has the SNAP program changed over the years? What is the most pivotal aspect to helping low SES areas get healthier?
  • RAW Conversations: Episode 2 - A Conversation All About Sprouts with Doug Evans, The Author of 'The Sprout Book'

    Some topics covered in this week podcast: what a sprout is, why more people aren't eating sprouts, Doug's journey of becoming a raw vegan, the association between food and our happiness, and sharing the health benefits of sprouts.
  • RAW Conversations: Episode 1 - Tips From Plant-Based Body Builder & Personal Trainer Cole Hastings

    We're so lucky to be having Cole on for our first episode! We had the opportunity to cover topics such as: where do you get your protein? Macros Vs Micros, the emotional side of switching your diet, Carbs, and Cole's Top Tips for aspiring vegan gains.

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