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Overnight Kits

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First Aid Kits are for scrapes, Sewing kits are for fixing buttons, Overnight Kits are for breakfasts made easy!

Overnight Kits or simply, OK’s, are making wholesome breakfast options convenient and delicious! With 3 different flavors (4 more launching soon!) and 3 different bases (chia puddings, sprouted buckwheat or sprouted oats), you can mix it up every morning.

Simply add your favorite milk and sweetener to your OK (coming soon in its convenient pop up bowl packaging), stir, let sit in the fridge while you sleep and wake up to a nutritious breakfast you can take on the go!

We leave our OK's unsweetened so you can choose your own level of sweetness! Here are some of our favorite sweetners!

  • Maple Syrup (1T)
  • Coconut Nectar (1T)
  • Fresh Fruit (fresh banana? raspberry coulee? Yum!)
  • Stevia (1/8 teaspoon or 1 drop for a lower calorie option)



Sprouted Buckwheat

Sprouted Oats


    Cinnamon Raisin

    Chocolate Gogi Berry

    Coconut Fig

            A small guide on the base choices:
    1. Looking to for some extra calories? Our Sprouted Buckwheat base is an amazing "gainer", it also provide tons of easily accessible fuel before a long hike or time at the gym!
    2. Sprouted Oats are great for anyone, and will help keep you full all morning! We are the only Sprouted Oat Breakfast Kit on the market. Sprouted Oats haven't been processed like regular oats, so there's a much higher nutrient load. Another benefit of these oats are their incredible digestibility thanks to the sprouting process.
    3. Our Chia puddings are perfect for anyone needing a calcium or iron boost! This breakfast is sure to keep you full with a great combination of fiber, omega 3 fats, and plant powered protein!
    4. Still don't know which one to choose? Pick "combo"  for a mix of all the bases!
    Loaded with Micronutrients!  Click here for Ingredients