• Processing Time: 

    • We strive to get orders out in 2 business days, however it may take up to one week to process your order (every box you order is handmade & hand packed)

  • Carrier:

    • We ship with Fed Ex & USPS! We will send you a link to track your order once it ships.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    • Currently, we only ship inside the US but we are working on expanding!

  • What is the return policy?

    • Due to the nature of the product (the fact that it is food), we cannot accept any returns. But If you have an issue with your order, please don’t hesitate to text 716-222-3600 or email info@foodnerdinc.com.

General FAQ

  • Is Foodnerd Allergen friendly?

    • Yes! None of our products contain any nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, fish/shellfish, peanuts, wheat or tree nuts (except for coconut in one of our products). Please keep in mind that we are not a free-from kitchen. Our kitchen still houses some nuts and soy.

  • Is Foodnerd a vegan company?

    • Yes! Our founder and many of our team members are vegan and we will never put out any product that contains animal ingredients.

  • What does “Planet Approved” mean on the packaging?

    • Thanks for asking! We are working hard to make sure we are doing what we can to help the environment. So we made the decision to launch with fully recyclable packaging! When you're done with your OverNights, please rinse and recycle. :)

  • Does Foodnerd have a rewards program? 

    • Yes we do! You get points for every order you place (as well as on your birthday, when you follow us on social, and many other easy ways to earn!) These points get you rewards (free shipping, % off, etc.) Join here.

  • Rewards Program- How do I create an account?
    • Click here or follow the step below

    • Where do I find my rewards/points?
      • On the bottom right corner of our website, there is a green button on the bottom that says "Rewards Program." Click on that to log in/create an account and view your points and rewards dashboard.
  • Immunity Boosting: What does it mean? Is it possible? 

    • No one product or supplement can BOOST your immunity. Your lifestyle will determine how well your immune system works! While you may not be able to “boost” your immune system, you can support it by continuing a healthy lifestyle (eating lots of fruits/vegetables/whole grains, getting enough sleep, not smoking, keeping active, etc). Our R.D. Emily Wood really breaks down how diet can help here.

  • What does sprouting mean?


  • How do the OverNights work?
    • Open up your package, and pour ½ to 1 cup of your favorite mylk (the less mylk the thicker it will be), then stir or shake to mix. Let soak in fridge overnight. In the morning, stir well, add sweetener if you wish, and enjoy! When finished, please rinse and recycle.
    • Optional: We leave our OverNights unsweetened so you can choose how and if you would like it sweetened! We love our OverNights (especially the chocolate flavors) with 1 T maple syrup or date paste, but you can use whatever you'd like.
  • Can you heat OverNights?
    • It’s up to you if you want to heat your OverNights, however we recommend enjoying them soaked overnight and raw to reap all the nutritional benefits! If you do choose to enjoy them warm, please warm up in a microwave safe bowl, outside of the packaging. 
  • Is there any added sugar?
    • We leave our OverNights unsweetened so you can sweeten it to your liking. We recommend maple syrup, agave, and stevia, but you can use whatever you want! Our chocolate flavors taste like dessert when a little sweetener is added.
  • I forgot to grab my OverNights before leaving for work! How long will it last soaked?
    • No worries! As long as it’s kept in the fridge, it'll keep for up to 3 days.
  • What mylk do you recommend for OverNights?
    • Our founder Sharon loves unsweetened Vanilla Almond Mylk, the rest of the Foodnerd Fam loves: Soy Mylk, Cashew Mylk, and Oat Mylk! But you can use whatever milk you like best :)
  • Can I use Water?
    • You could, but for creamiest results, we recommend using mylk!
  • How much mylk should I add?
    • We recommend 1 cup of mylk for our favorite consistency. However, if you’d like your oats thicker, use a little less!
  • Why do you use "Mylk" instead of milk?
    • Mylk is the common way of referring to non-dairy milk. We use the "Mylk" spelling as we are a vegan company. However, it’s ultimately your choice to use dairy or non-dairy milk!

Product Nutrition and Diets

  • Where can I find nutritional information?
    • They can be found on the individual product pages or here.
  • Is this Keto friendly?
    • Our Chia pudding OverNights are Keto Friendly!
  • Are Foodnerd Products Paleo Friendly?
    • Yes!
  • Are Foodnerd Products Kosher?
    • Not yet! We are looking at getting certified in the near future.
  • Are Foodnerd Products Gluten Free?
    • None of our products contain gluten, however we are not a certified gluten free facility YET, so those who are severely allergic/celiac should take caution.
  • Do Foodnerd Products contain GMOs?
    • We are 100% GMO free!
  • Is Foodnerd Organic?
    • While we are 100% GMO free, our Wild Blueberries are the only non-organic ingredient we use. Wild blueberries are nutritionally superior to standard blueberries! We are striving to be fully organic within our means.
  • What does "bioavailable" mean?
    • bioavailability is "the proportion of the nutrient that is digested, absorbed and metabolized through normal pathways." You can read more about bioavailability and why it matters here.


Questions specific to our OATS:

  • Are Foodnerd Oats Gluten Free?
    • The oats are naturally gluten free, but the facility is not.

  • What makes Foodnerd Oats Different than what I can make at home?
    • Did you know that there are different types of oats? Oat Groats are processed in a variety of ways to create: Instant oats, Old Fashioned Oats, Steel Cut Oats, and Oat Bran. While all oats are healthy whole grain options, we love our Sprouted Raw Oat Groats as they are the least processed, most bioavailable (since we sprout them) and most nutritious option. We are the first and only raw AND sprouted oat groat overnight breakfast available on the market. 

  • Do Foodnerd Oats have Glyphosphate?
    • Our Oats are certified organic, and Glyphosphate is banned in organic farming. So while we cannot test for it, most studies have confirmed that organic oats contain NO Glyphosphate.

Questions specific to our BUCKWHEAT:

  • I’m not an athlete, can I still eat this?
    • YES! Of course you can! Sprouted buckwheat is ideal for anybody. We say it is great for athletes and children because these are individuals that are typically in need of carb dense meals to ensure they are getting a sufficient amount of fuel for their days! Learn about why it is good for everyone below!
  • What is it?
    • Buckwheat is a seed that is cultivated from the plant common buckwheat. It is naturally gluten free, is classified as whole-grain and considered to be a superfood by many. Buckwheat has a rich, earthy, nutty flavor that holds a soft and chewy texture. You may have had it before in buckwheat batter pancakes or in a pasta dish. Click here to learn about Buckwheat more in depth!
  • Why is it good for me?:
    • Buckwheat is complete with protein that is high in essential amino acids that are fundamental to human health. Buckwheat will not spike your blood sugar levels because it is low on the Glycemic Index. It is also high in natural prebiotics, minerals and antioxidants. Click here to learn about Buckwheat more in depth!

    Questions specific to our SeeReal:

    • SeeReal is promoted as a healthy cereal, but why isn't it low carb?
    In the last few years, carbohydrates have replaced fat as the villain in our diet culture. Somehow, healthy carbohydrates got lumped into the same category as unhealthy carbs and now all of a sudden, all carbohydrates are bad. Truth is, there is a difference between “Fast Carbs” (include Refined Grains) and “Slow Carbs” (include Whole Grains). Read more about healthy carbs here.
    • Why do you use broccoli sprouts?
    Broccoli sprouts are a big deal because of their John Hopkins studied phytonutrient: Sulforaphane
    • What is sulforaphane?

    Sulforaphane is the most important isothiocyanate found in broccoli sprouts. Sulforaphane (SFN) has many health promoting properties, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimicrobial (fights off germs such as bacteria and viruses), anti-aging, neuroprotective (protects brain cells), and antidiabetic properties. Learn more in our blog post covering sulforaphane's benefits.

    • Why do you use sprouted seeds in SeeReal?

    We would argue that sprouts are one of the healthiest superfoods for many reasons. To name a few:⁣

    • Easy to digest⁣
    • Higher in nutrients ⁣
    • Nutrients are more bioavailable⁣ (absorbable)
    • Antioxidants are often multiplied⁣

    Click here to see why SeeReal is the healthiest cereal on the market!