Food For Thought

  • Heme Iron vs. Non-Heme Iron

    Iron has many important functions in the body:

    • Helps with brain development & growth in children
    • Needed for normal production and function of certain types of cells
    • Boosts resistance to infection
    • Needed to make some hormones
    • Makes up myoglobin (a protein that carries and stores oxygen in muscle tissue)
  • Chia Seed Benefits: Are You Eating This Superfood?

    What superfoods have you been eating these days? Have you been making room in your diet for one of the most nutritious, superfood seeds on the planet?

    If not, we highly recommend that you should be! Not only do these tiny seeds contain a variety of important nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals; they also contain a high concentration of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids (aka health benefits galore!).

  • Why We Don’t Need to Drink Milk to Get Enough Calcium

    Guess That Vitamin:  This nutrient is associated with this popular ad campaign. Besides helping to keep our bones healthy, it has many other vital functions in the body. Is drinking milk and consuming dairy products the only way to get enough of this essential nutrient? (Read on to find out!)
  • Vitamin D: The Vitamin That Fights Disease

    Vitamin D has many important functions in the body:

    • Helps the body absorb and retain adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus (extremely important for bone health)
    • Needed for bone growth and repair
    • Strengthens immune function (especially important in the time of COVID-19!)
    • Reduces inflammation
  • The Vitamin you Have Never Heard of

    We have another nutrition riddle for you. In 1862, this nutrient was name after the Greek term for bile (chole) because it was first isolated from ox bile. It was not considered to be an essential nutrient until  1998 when its adequate intake (AI) was established.

    You guessed it—Choline!

  • The Magical Vitamin Made by Bacteria

    What vitamin is made by bacteria, including bacteria in the soil, bacteria in bodies of water, and bacteria that are housed in the stomachs of grazing animals, such as cows or sheep?

    Drumroll please.... Vitamin B12! This is the only vitamin produced exclusively by microorganisms.

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