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Stage 4: 16-20 months

Green Garden Mega Puffs

Green Garden Mega Puffs

Our puffs meet the rainbow of fruits and vegetables for the highest nutrient density and phytonutrient impact!

Hello Green! High nutrient density moringa leaves and spirulina take bananas to the next level! Combined with sprouted seeds and our Foodnerd nutrient blend, these puffs give your child a boost of powerful green antioxidants!

When: Scientifically formulated for optimal development, age depends on your baby's readiness signs.

Palate Development: Sweet - Bitter

Organic & Non-GMO Ingredients:
Banana, Sprouted Flax Seeds, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Date, Sprouted Chia Seeds, Sprouted Broccoli Seeds,Spirulina, Moringa, Foodnerd Nutrient Blend [Fresh Algae DHA, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin)]

Nutrient-Dense Macronutrients:
35% RDA Fiber
35% RDA Protein
20% RDA Fat

Naturally Occurring Micronutrients:
11 Minerals, 13 Vitamins & of Phytonutrients

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Phytonutrients?

These are nutrients we obtain from specific plants that have demonstrated significant benefits for our health. They help strengthen our immune system and help children with their development during their first years of life. Natural products like beans, nuts, and whole grains have a significant amount of phytonutrients, which is why they are considered "superfoods" by some experts.

Is it suitable for my baby?

Of course! Our products are 100% natural, without any added preservatives or chemicals that could affect your children's health. Moreover, our formula doesn't contain 8 of the most common allergen elements, so it is suitable for babies. FoodNerd products contain nutrients that will benefit any child's growth and development.

Which flavor do I pick for my baby?

Choose what your baby likes! From stage 3, we offer various flavors, so you can pick what your little one likes the most. The nutritional value remains the same and is all thought to add value to that particular development stage.

Do I have to order the whole meal plan?

Although we offer a monthly subscription plan that you can start during pregnancy, you can also order FoodNerd products à la carte, so you order those meals that you want for your baby.

What does "habit development" mean?

Although you can't force your kid to eat, you can provide nutritious foods, teach healthy eating habits, and make mealtimes enjoyable. This is how we get into routines and habits from an early stage. We have to make sure our kids learn to like different kinds of foods during childhood so that their palate gets used to them.