RAW Conversations: Episode 2 - A Conversation All About Sprouts with Doug Evans, The Author of 'The Sprout Book'

In this episode of Raw Conversations, we speak with Doug Evans, an early pioneer in the health food movement. After losing his mother to cancer and his father to heart disease and watching his brother suffer through diabetes and three strokes, he invested in and co-founded Organic Avenue. Organic Avenue was the one the first organic cold-pressed juice and raw food retailer in the United States.

Doug lives off the water and food grid on his land with private hot springs, east of Joshua Tree, California at Wonder Valley Hot Springs where he created a sprout lab and wrote "The Sprout Book."

Some topics covered in this podcast: what a sprout is, why more people aren't eating sprouts, Doug's journey to becoming a raw vegan, the association between food and our happiness, and sharing the health benefits of sprouts.

Time Stamps: 

The Integrity of Our Products: 1:55

Introduction to Sprouts: 2:35

The Spread of Sprouts: 8:00

Our Connection to Food: 17:00 

Sharing the Magic of Sprouts: 32:00 

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