FOODTRUTH Episode 5- Plant Based Nutrition with Dr. Klaper

FOODTRUTH Episode 5- Plant Based Nutrition with Dr. Klaper





Thank you for tuning into the fifth episode of #FOODTRUTH! We are buzzing after this conversation with the esteemed, Dr. Michael Klaper! We cant wait to hear your thoughts!


0:00 intro

1:55 - Why Klaper became a doctors, and when and why he became plant based 7:45 - Dr. Lyon's story on becoming vegan and his experience

10:30 - Colleagues reactions to Klaper going plant based

15:48 - Why aren't doctors recommending diet and lifestyle?

19:19 - Moving Medicine Forward Initiative

28:50 - Are you trying to heal these people, or aren't you?

29:37 - Why Is there so much controversy around healthy eating?

37:45 - Sharon on Fad diets

39:30 - Suggestions for pregnant women and infants on a plant based diet

44:50 - Dairy and Infancy

51:50 - Dr. Klaper's opinion on A.G.E.'s

58:44 - Most Important lesson Dr. Kalper has learned along the way

1:01 - Outro

Mentions: Brenda Davis' book: Nourish

Dr. Klapers book: Pregnancy, Children, and the Vegan Diet


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