RAW Conversations Episode 3: Trish Shea, Plant Based R.D. on Working in Low SES Communities

RAW Conversations Episode 3: Trish Shea, Plant Based R.D. on Working in Low SES Communities

In this weeks podcast, we speak with Trisha Shea a plant based Registered Dietitian. Currently working as a nutritionist for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, delivering nutrition education to SNAP recipients. Topics covered: What is SNAP? How receptive are the communities to nutrition education? What barriers stand in the way of low income areas? How has the SNAP program changed over the years? What is the most pivotal aspect to helping low SES areas get healthier?


What is S.N.A.P.? 2:24

Are these communities receptive to Nutrition Education? 12:40

Why are low income communities more prone to disease? 22:00

What do you think communities need most to become their healthiest self?


Food Deserts and Swamps: 25:00



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