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Great and novel approach.

Chocolate Goji Berry Chia/Oat Combo
A new option for healthy nutrition

Love the concept behind the development of Foodnerd. The food tastes great and I feel heathier while I am eating it. Great product.

SeeReal: Variety Pack

SeeReal: Variety Pack

Variety Flavor Buckwheat
Tried SeeReal and Buckwheat Overnights

SeeReal is UnReal! Dark chocolate will satisfy those chocolate cravings, Banana Bread tastes exactly like banana bread, and the fruity one tastes just like Fruity Pebbles! These cereals are awesome, tasty, and filling! I've even had a bowl for a quick lunch, and it carries you through to dinner...nice! The buckwheat overnights still have a slight crunch when chewing and this makes it quite satisfying in a new way for a breakfast. FoodNerd products are the best quality I've ever had!

SeeReal: Variety Pack
A delicious nutritious snack

I received my SeeReal cereal a few days ago and they make a delicious snack mid-morning too. A very tasty breakfast cereal - but also a great healthy snack. Thanks Sharon for helping me keep on a healthy track even when snacking!

Delicious and nutritious

It tastes yummy and I know it is healthy. I actually felt more energetic after eating.

SeeReal: Variety Pack

SeeReal: Variety Pack

Cereal for Superhumans!

As a physician I am thrilled to finally have a raw, sprouted, organic, non-GMO cereal on the market. The nutrient density and health benefits of this cereal are lightyears beyond its competitors. This isn't just a “healthier option”, this is the HEALTHIEST option. Food Nerd is at the pinnacle of food science, and it’s clearly reflected in their products. I have tried all three flavors and the taste is seriously incredible. Whichever flavor you choose, your taste buds will thank you.

I recommend this product to my family, friends and patients. Do your cells a favor, throw out your Fruity Pebbles and Coco Puffs, and order SeeReal today.

SeeReal: Variety Pack
Terrific products

Outside of the flawless packaging and marketing, the food is delicious and the fact that it is made of the good things on earth...makes me very happy! (The banana bread flavor really tastes like banana bread...incredible!

SeeReal: Variety Pack
Loved SeeReal Cereal

I got all three flavors of the new Seereal and they are all so delicious and I loved knowing that this cereal is making my cells happy!

SeeReal: Variety Pack
Love it!

It’s super filling and fun to eat!

For people on the go!

Super food full of delicious flavor and nutrition. Fast and easy! I simply do not have time to shop and prepare yet want quality so this is easy and full of everything that is good for me & you! I make mine with Almond mylk and even have used water both delicious. I pour and shake mine on Sunday night and enjoy them at daily at work.
You don't even need a bowl. I eat mine straight out of the bag. How easy is that!

Great introduction

The packaging was perfect, the enclosures so interesting and helpful and the product is very intriguing! I have made it up and can’t wait for tomorrow morning.

Variety Flavors Chia/Oat Combo
Foodnerd Fan!

I recently ordered the Overnights Chia/Oat Combo and was so excited when it arrived in just a few short days. I wasn't sure what to expect with the Chia pudding, but I loved it! Very creamy, tasty and filling. The sprouted oats were awesome too, especially the strawberry and plum. I'm definitely a Foodnerd fan and so excited to have them in Buffalo!

Variety Flavors Chia/Oat Combo
What daydreams are made of!

When I wake up to enjoy the strawberry & plum overnight oats, it’s like a daydream come true. Absolutely delicious, I don’t even add sweetener!

Variety Flavors Chia/Oat Combo

I love them!! I will order again

Variety Flavor Buckwheat
Great post workout!

I enjoy the buckwheat slightly crunchy. I make mine first thing in the morning and have them right after I work out.

Variety Flavor Buckwheat

I have been enjoying Foodnerd breakfasts for a while now. I absolutely love the new addition of the buckwheat overnight oats. The flavors are so yummy has a nuttier taste to it and a little crunch. I love it. I think it’s my new favorite but I love all Foodnerd breakfasts. So easy and convenient.


Great product, easy, tasty, convenient

Great tasting!

Great tasting, convenient and satisfying. I think the ones with buckwheat And sprouted oats are longer satisfying for me between breakfast and lunch then just the Chia seed-based. :-) Looking forward to my 10 pack :-)

Two thumbs up :)

Perfect when you need an extra boost. I have been eating as an afternoon or late night snack.


Easy to prepare and a delicious result!

Variety Chia Pudding

I mix with 1 cup of coconut milk blended with my Shaklee LifeShake powder and then stir in. What a great meal.

Variety Flavor Oats
Great Breakfast

The sprouted oats are great for breakfast - they are an excellent healthy option and easy to prepare.

Variety Flavors Chia/Oat Combo
good and filling

enjoyed them all, very easy to make and a breeze to eat in the morning, a little pricey.

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