A Note From Our Founder

Hi I’m Sharon, I'm a parent just like you.

My journey began with a simple but powerful vision - to be the kind of mom who would provide her baby with homemade, wholesome meals from scratch. However, as a working mom, the practical challenges of balancing work and family life quickly surfaced. I realized that I needed a convenient way to offer my son fresh, organic foods as nature intended. I felt that to create my dream product for my son, it wouldn't just be about what was inside, but also how the food was made. I am proud to say we have created an option for parents who feel the same as me, and I'm excited for you to learn more about who we are and how we align with YOUR values.

What Sets Our Ingredients Apart

  • Balanced Macronutrients

    • Healthy fats to keep kids full
    • Plant sourced protein to build a strong body
    • Just the right amount of simple and complex (fiber) carbohydrates to keep them energized and build a healthy gut
  • Real Micronutrients

    Our products vitamins and minerals come from fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouted seeds, making it easier for your little ones body to absorb.

  • Diverse Prebiotics

    Research shows that plant diversity = a healthy gut.

    We aimed to include prebiotic foods that your child may not otherwise eat on their own such as:
    Currants, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, and broccoli seeds.

  • Mega Foods

    FoodNerd’s ingredient list showcases some of the most nutrient dense foods found in nature. These mega foods (such as wild blueberries, moringa, beets, avocado, chia seeds, and more!) are high in health protecting supernutrients.

  • Organic and Non-GMO

    All of FoodNerd’s products are sourced from organic and non-gmo growers, reducing their exposure to pesticides.

  • Plant-based ingredients

    FoodNerd's dedication to plant-based ingredients encompasses not only the health advantages of plant forward diets but also the significant environmental benefits achieved by diminishing the impact of animal agriculture through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Low in Heavy Metals

    Our products are specifically formulated and rigorously tested to ensure low levels of heavy metals. This is bigger than food, this is our children.

  • No Yuckies

    FoodNerd will never incorporate artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, added sugars, refined oils, or preservatives into any of our products.

  • No Fillers

    FoodNerd products prioritize real food, making every bite significant, while strictly avoiding filler crops like refined grains.

What Sets Our Processing Apart

80% of what lines the grocery store is ultra processed. On top of that? 67% of children's diets consist of Ultra Processed Foods. Processing food kills all the amazing supernutrients (micronutrients and phytonutrients) and even damages the macronutrient integrity. We knew we couldn't create a healthy food without paying attention to how it was processed.

Positive Processing allows our products to be made from whole fruits, vegetables and seeds without sacrificing the convenience parents so desperately need.

  • Jed Fahey

    Dr. Jed Fahey

    Position at FN: Head Scientific Advisor

    Kid Connection: Father of 1, Grandfather of 2, mentor to many

    Favorite Garden Food: Moringa or Sweet Basil

    Inside Hobby: Reading and writing, and playing my mandolin & mandocello
    Outside Hobby: Cycling, Hiking, Snowshoeing

  • Holly Batt MSPH Candidate

    Position at FN: Scientific Advisor

    Kid Connection: Taught K-12 STEM Programming

    Favorite Garden Food: Tomatoes or Okra

    Inside Hobby: Inside the home, I am an avid reader and love to write.
    Outside Hobby: I olympic weightlift and train my German Shepherd for K9 sports!

  • Trish Shea M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

    Position at FN: Dietitian Consultant

    Kid Connection: Auntie

    Favorite Garden Food: Basil

    Inside Hobby: Reading a good book and cooking a great homemade meal
    Outside Hobby: Walking, riding my bike, enjoying nature, going out to eat and trying new foods!

  • Sharon Cryan

    Position at FN: Founder and CEO

    Kid Connection: Mom of 1

    Favorite Garden Food: Dandelion Greens!

    Inside Hobby: Organizing my superfood containers in my kitchen cabinets.
    Outside Hobby: Going on a hike with my son and collecting the cool rocks.

  • Ilser Adiguzel

    Position at FN: CFO

    Kid Connection: Mom of 2

    Favorite Garden Food: Cilantro, I put it in everything!

    Inside Hobby: Cooking/baking and running around with the kids.
    Outside Hobby: Going on long walks.

  • Jamie Young

    Position at FN: Head of Marketing

    Kid Connection: Aunt of 3, birth and postpartum doula

    Favorite Garden Food: Jalepeño Peppers (spicy!!)

    Inside Hobby: Making/eating salsa, and snuggling with my cats!
    Outside Hobby: Salsa dancing and camping with friends.

  • Alyssa Cryan

    Position at FN: Director of Research and Development

    Kid Connection: Mom of 3

    Favorite Garden Food: Cherry tomatoes, my kids are OBSESSED with them!

    Inside Hobby: Having dance parties with the kiddos! We get our move on.
    Outside Hobby: Nature walks or taking the kids to play in the creek.

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At FoodNerd, we're on a mission to redefine what kids eat today, tomorrow, and in the future. We make a wide range of tasty foods, but underneath all that deliciousness, we’re also setting new standards for nutrient density. We believe that parents should never have to compromise their children's well-being because of busy schedules or a lack of great pre-packaged options. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to creating nibbles that are positively brimming with the goodness of nature’s best ingredients.

Our secret? Through meticulous research and development, we've harnessed a groundbreaking method (we call it Nutrient Lock Cold Processing) that preserves the natural vitality of fruits, vegetables, and sprouted seeds, ensuring that up to 98% of the nutrients remain intact. This also means that we don’t need to add any “filler” ingredients that cancel out the benefits of the best nutrients. We think it’s pretty remarkable science, but the most exciting bit goes beyond the nutritional excellence — our favorite part is that our kids love to eat something that’s so good for their future selves.

Our products are designed to seamlessly fit into the ups and downs of parenthood. Whether it's snack time on the go, or dinner time where you’re like “where did the day go?” our healthy creations are there to support you. At FoodNerd, we believe that the healthy growth and development of our kids should go hand in hand with scientific rigor, tasty delight, and the kind of love for little ones that would make one stop at nothing in the pursuit to revolutionize how food gets made for the next generation.