What We Stand For

At Foodnerd, our mission is to make superfoods more accessible to you. That’s why we use ingredients that are GMO-free and never pressurized or treated with chemicals or preservatives.

We know that delivering high-impact, nutrient dense foods can make a huge difference in how we feel. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.

We work with leading food scientists as well as health and nutritional experts so that our products are backed by science. Food is not a product to us, it’s a passion!

Our Fight Against Food Processing

Ultra-processing can lead to the loss of many beneficial micronutrients. That’s why we strive to maintain all the micronutrient content in our ingredients for the freshest, best tasting, and most nutritious food that you can get.

Not only are our products MINIMALLY PROCESSED, it’s our goal to maintain and capture food in its whole form where bioavailability can be increased. One method we use to do so is through the process of SPROUTING.

Happiness Begins In The Gut

We wouldn’t be true food nerds if we didn’t pay attention to our SECOND brain, that’s right - our gut!

Our gut houses trillions of bacteria, and what we eat can determine how helpful or detrimental that bacteria can be. These bacteria are in constant communication with our brain through the Gut Brain Axis (GBA).

What we feed our microbes is associated with many chronic diseases, but also many mental health disorders.

  • “With the help of food scientists from four different universities, Cryan was able to introduce a product that was vegan, sugar free, gluten free, artificial free, soy free, and 100% natural – a superfood for the super human in all of us.”

    Buffalo Rising, October 17, 2020

  • “This method, which Foodnerd has coined as “positive processing” allows the buckwheat to maintain highly concentrated and beneficial nutrients that are typically lost in traditional food processing methods.”

    VegWorld Magazine, October 8, 2020

  • “At The Beet, our editors are always trying out new, innovative plant-based products in order to give our readers the best possible recommendations... The oats themselves taste as fresh as if you picked them for yourself, and the flavors will satisfy any taste.”

    The Beet, October 9, 2020