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Why Us

All in one, plant based nourishment

The US population is mostly overfed and undernourished. We wanted to make food that delivered high quality nutrition that is easy to access, easy for our body to recognize and therefore digest, and of course- be incredibly tasty to both kids and adults!
All of our food is 100% plant-based, mostly raw, never pressurized, or treated with chemicals/preservatives. Our packaging we're currently working on is also 100% recyclable!
Always vegan and always cruelty-free. 
Currently, we offer an array of Overnight Kits (with new flavors coming soon!). We are also working on a product line made from raw fruits, vegetables and superfoods--that is shelf stable. The kicker? We don't use any preservatives, and never heat or cook the ingredients. If you'd like to stay in the know, sign up for our newsletter! (home page, bottom center)
Nerd on,
The Food Nerd Team